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Super, Slithering Snakes

Love them or hate them, snakes are animals that produce a reaction!

In some countries they’re seen as bad luck ... others good luck. And sometimes people just run and hide from them. Let’s face it, snakes have a reputation.

Wild Kingdom host Stephanie Arne literally gets wrapped up in snakes as she shows us why they are so important ... and cool! Check it out!


Did You Know?

B I G  Mouth!

Snakes can swallow prey three times larger than their mouth. That would be like you swallowing a whole watermelon! They have special, highly stretchable mouth tendons and the two halves of their jaw are loosely attached to each other.

Kill or Cure?

Some snakes inject venom to paralyze or kill victims before devouring them. Scientists have discovered that the same poison that causes awful symptoms in people can be turned into medicines to help treat everything from crippling strokes to deadly heart attacks.

Wink, Wink

You’ll never catch a snake winking at you! Why? Because they don’t have eyelids. Their eyes have transparent scales that protect them from harm and becoming dry.

Suit of Armor

Snakes have a protective armor of scales that allow them to move over rough or hot surfaces. The scales are made up of layers of cells that are stacked one on top of the other, with the top layer protecting the ones underneath. Every few months a snake will shed its old skin.

What a Backbone!

As flexible as they are, you might think snakes don’t have a vertebrae. Wrong! Snakes are so flexible because of the 200-400 vertebrae (and attached ribs) that run down their body.

How Rude!

Generally, it’s not nice to stick your tongue out at people. But for snakes, it’s a different story. Snakes use their tongues to smell their surroundings.