Bringing You
Into the Wild

Mutual of Omaha’s My Wild Kingdom is a wild animal adventure app that lets you turn any photo and video into a fun virtual habitat you can share with your friends! Go on adventures, earn badges and unlock re-sizeable virtual animals to add to your photos and videos. You can even use camera filters to customize your adventures and capture the look of classic nature footage. Let your imagination run wild and download My Wild Kingdom today!

Choose Between
Ten Different Animals

Ever wanted to pet a ferocious lion, or hold a cute baby kangaroo in the palm of your hand? Go on adventures to unlock ten different animated animals: giraffe, zebra, lion, meerkat, gorilla, alligator, kangaroo, penguin, hippopotamus and elephant. Select one to place in your photos and videos and turn any environment into your own virtual animal kingdom!

Share All of
Your Adventures

As you earn adventure badges and take exciting photos and videos of wildlife, share the fun with friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and email!